Some before and after Bunion Pics

We only operate on bunions if they hurt but there is no harm in making them look good as well! If a foot looks like a foot then it usually works like one. This patient [...]

Helping to make a Dog’s life better

What a pleasure to hear from MIchael Carter: "I was a patient of Mr Singh last year after breaking my ankle while water-skiing . I wanted to let him know how delighted I am with [...]

Goodbye Emblem, Hello Shard

We had a big change to the practice recently. After running my clinic for 10 years in Emblem House in London Bridge the outpatient clinic has moved to The Shard. I was sad to go- [...]

Webbed toes: A simple world first!

The simplest thing can make a big difference. A member of staff mentioned her 2nd and 3rd toes which were partly joined together from birth (a webbed toe). She was embarrassed to show her toes [...]

Subtalar Fusion for Subtalar Arthritis: How it helps

There are good and bad things about Dr Google. There are many misconceptions around loss of movement after an ankle or subtalar fusion. The loss of function between the 2 operations is very different.  Forums [...]

Why I break the bone to correct a Bunion

I though this video is very good at showing why the bone has to be broken to give you a narrow foot (a "Scarf Osteotomy"). We sometimes break an additional  bone, an "Akin Osteotomy," to [...]

Midfoot Fusion: discussion Forum

Nice forum. One of my former patients has written some advice and you may find it of interest

Having a K-Wire removed from the toe

Its something that always creates anxiety amongst patients. Friends don't help- How is he going to get that out? Honestly its a big anticlimax! Lee decided to film his and post it on his Youtube [...]

I just wanted to let you know I ran a 10k at the weekend and ran my best time ever… 49 mins 20!

GC, London

Many thanks for your excellent work on my ankle. I am very grateful for your help and support. I am pleased with my recovery

E.K, London, Ankle Ligament Surgery

I am well overdue thanking you for my foot operation. I am back spinning again (alas not as frequently as I should) and beginning to get into shoes! Thank you for excellent service

C.T, London, Bunion Surgery