There are good and bad things about Dr Google. There are many misconceptions around loss of movement after an ankle or subtalar fusion.

The loss of function between the 2 operations is very different.  Forums can interchange between the two.

The loss of function after a subtalar fusion can be minimal but the reduction in pain substantial.

Two of my recent subtalar fusion patients wrote a testimonial (I won’t let my head swell too much). They do talk about function after such surgery.

A big thanks to Val and Steve.

“I have now been back at work almost 6 weeks and I can honestly say that the operation has changed my life! I am now pain free and my walking and stamina is improving weekly. Now that I can walk without pain I realise what a strain it had been before and how miserable it was making me. It’s surprising what you put up with when you think you have no choice. I now walk from Cannon Street station to Broadgate (0.8 mile) every morning and it takes me 20 minutes (unthinkable before the operation). There were times after the operation and during the recovery when I wondered if it had been worth it but that is all forgotten now. I am lucky to have found you and I am so grateful to you.”
Val S, London

“I have spent the last few years living with pain after suffering an injury to my ankle. After taking a number of steps to try and improve the situation, all of which were ultimately unsuccessful, I met with Mr Singh to discuss the possibility of pursuing a subtalar fusion. Despite my initial apprehension, I am now so pleased that I went ahead with the operation. I am free from pain and the fusion has had almost no impact on my day to day life – I am even back running and playing sport again on a regular basis (something which I thought I would never be able to do). I will always be grateful to Mr Singh for his expertise and the clarity of his advice, all of which was delivered in a reassuring manner with a sprinkling of good humour.”
Steve W, London