Jay Flitter is both a leading physio in the City but also trains other Physio’s. He is a pretty tough guy who loves his sport but was troubled by a “Footballers Ankle,” a condition where there is a lot of bone overgrowth at the front of the ankle which can block movement. I asked Jay if he could provide some insight and tips to other patients when recovering from this surgery.

“My Ankle is amazing! Moving and feeling better than it has for years. I feel like I have the spring back in my ankle after being so used to it being blocked, stiff and non shock absorbing.
Had to run for the train 4 weeks after surgery, no reaction, no flare up felt great. I have resisted the temptation to run again but after spending everyday rehabilitating the ankle to recover from the operation plus to regain control and balance in movement patterns that I had lost for years I know now the ankle will withstand anything I do to it!
The experience of having an ankle operation has been such a positive one, I can emphasise more with patients and understand even more the importance of making sure that patients work hard to gain pain relief, swelling control and function at the appropriate stages post OP.
I don’t know what amount of swelling you would expect when the bandages are removed on day 5 but I had no swelling. I used the Geko device for 12 hours a day for the first 3 days when I had my leg elevated most of the time. This may have had a very positive effect on my swelling control. Even when I did start weight bearing on the ankle it did not swell up much at all. Very pleased!

Jay Flitter, Senior Physiotherapist, Pure Sports Medicine, Threadneedle Street.   info@puresportsmed.comScreen Shot 2016-01-10 at 18.45.17