Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.02.52What a pleasure to hear from MIchael Carter:

“I was a patient of Mr Singh last year after breaking my ankle while water-skiing . I wanted to let him know how delighted I am with the outcome . I am water-skiing well again and my horse-riding is coming on nicely. I have also just complete the 200 mile Coast to Coast walk with my blind 15 year old dog who I mostly carried In a special back pack. I wanted to say a massive thanks to Sam for giving me my active life back. t’s a very heartwarming story of 2 old boys refusing to give up despite setbacks”

His walk was an epic adventure, close to my heart. I love dogs and have a tibetan terrier called Harvey. Please do read his story and well done to Michael for raising so much for Dog’s Trust and making little Basil’s life just a bit better.