Happy Patients

Ankle Fusion

Thank you again for your management of my Mum. She is now about 15-16weeks and whilst she got a little over excited at 12 weeks and over did it - she is back on track and her rehab is going very well now. Not only has her foot improved but she was in such a bad place emotionally due to the pain that she is a completely different person and her friends and family are very grateful...including me :)


L.F. (A physiotherapist from Australia 2013. Regarding her mother who had flown over for the surgery).

Hi Elia,
First steps today please pass on to Mr Singh from his most grateful patient. Absolutely no pain, almost no swelling and I am being very cautious. Have lost 3kg and we are on the way down with another 3kg by 20th August. People are actually commenting on how like my old self I am getting, so my star Surgeon gets a bigger halo every day.

J. F, Australia, 2013

Dear Mr Singh

Hope you are well, I am very good.

For my 30th Birthday this year my partner took me away on holiday to celebrate, with this amazing gift he also proposed and we are now engaged to be married.  I am again so very thankful to you as I am going to be able to walk down the aisle, which may be every girls dream, but as you know this girls dream never envisaged herself being able to do this unaided.  Feel very blessed.

We recently went to take in the festivities at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, had a wonderful time and we also managed to join in on the ice skating!  As you know I like to remind you what good work you do and how grateful myself, my family and my friends are to you.

As always, I will be forever thankful to you.

Best wishes to you and your family over the festive season.

R.P, London, 2013

Ankle Ligament Surgery

Many thanks for your excellent work on my ankle. I am very grateful for your help and support. I am pleased with my recovery. 

Best wishes, 

E.K, London, 2013

Ankle Arthroscopy for footballer’s Ankle

After four years of pain in my left ankle (from too much rugby) I gave up and saw my GP. I had the extreme good fortune to be referred to Mr. Singh. He instantly diagnosed ‘Footballer’s Ankle’, torn cartilage, and some other attendant damage.He suggested an arthroscopy to fix the problems, which he subsequently performed in early December. What I really appreciate is the way that Mr. Singh explained to me
(a) what was wrong,
(b) what my options were,
(c) how long the recovery period would be.
I must confess that I had unrealistic expectations of how soon I’d be up and about and it made a huge difference that Mr. Singh was clear about how to go about my rehabilitation and how quickly I could expect to progress. I write this 8 weeks, to the day post my operation, and I am back in the gym, walking without any trace of a limp, and my ankle is pain free! I had forgotten what it was like not to be in constant pain, and I am thoroughly delighted with the outcome of my journey with Mr. Singh. I would like to say a huge “thank you” for your work, your support, your guidance, and for giving me a pain-free ankle: Thank you!

C. B, Battersea, 2012

Ankle Arthroscopy

Just thought I would let you know how my ankle has progressed since the arthroscopy back in April.  I completed my first post-op Olympic distance triathlon on 3rd July with no reaction from the ankle (just a general lack of fitness!) and have raced in 3 other Olympic distance races since then with no problems.
The operation has really improved my running style and I am able to run without restriction/pain for the first time in years.  This weekend I managed a personal best in the Stockholm Half Marathon – knocking 45 seconds off my previous best time!  My training has been broadly similar to prior to the operation, but has been less disrupted by niggling injuries.
Thank you once again for your care and skill in undertaking the operation.

T.A, London, 2010

A trimalleolar, fracture-dislocation of my ankle ended my 12- year career as a professional stuntman. I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr Sam Singh for ongoing care. I travelled from my home in New Zealand, just so Mr Singh could perform the Arthroscopy. From the first consultation, through to post Op' care, I can't praise him and his staff enough for their comprehensive, informative and friendly service.

B.C, Auckland, NZ, 2013

Bunion Surgery

I am well overdue thanking you for my foot operation. I am back spinning again (alas not as frequently as I should) and beginning to get into shoes! Thank you for excellent service.
Best wishes,

C. T, London, 2013

Back in 2008 you performed a metatarsal osteotomy on my right foot as I was suffering from Hallux Valgus.  This is probably the most overdue thank you you have ever received, but I am thankful and fortunate to have had you as my surgeon and I have no further problems with my foot.  I also thought you might want to know that I am back to running ultra-marathons and recently won the 250km Amazon Jungle ultra-marathon, known to be the hardest in the Word!!!

Thank you

D.M, London, 2013

I wanted to thank you so much for my new foot! 8 months after my surgery it is completely healed and I have no pain. I am really pleased, you did a great job! I last saw Physio Richard in May

R. B. London, 2013

Please could you convey to Mr Singh my thanks for the excellent (and very patient!) treatment that he provided to me, from initial diagnosis through the complex operation to the final aftercare.

Dr D.Y, London, 2013

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Thanks Sam – we did it fine on Sunday, including Box Hill – albeit a bit weary afterwards! I’m glad to say the Achilles has done brilliantly well and I regularly play tennis and cycle/ski to keep fit. Apart from getting tight and requiring regular routine physio my left leg is in great shape thanks to you. I shall always be very grateful!

P.E, London, 2013

Open Achilles Decompression for Chronic Achilles Tendon Pain

Dear Mr Singh,

Thank you for seeing me last week.

I wanted to write a note to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my achilles tendon. I am a keen sports man playing very regular tennis, cycling, golfing etc.  Many years ago, I injured my achilles and it has been a persistent, but manageable, problem for about 20 years.   In 2011 the tendon got to the stage that not only could I not play sport (including cycling), but I even found it very painful to walk.  This was all a bit depressing and I began to think active sporting pursuits were a thing of the past.   

I had various tests on the achilles towards the end of 2011, which showed I had 40% scar tissue in the tendon.  I came to see you early in 2012 and you felt an operation was appropriate - you operated on the 2nd February.

So how was it all?  I did not find the few weeks of keeping my leg up too bad - good books and my computer kept me occupied.  I did however find the overall recuperation very slow and at times wondered whether the operation was going to prove successful.  It took a full five months from the operation before I was reasonably confident of my tendon.  Once it started to feel good (when I stopped thinking about it) the recovery was very rapid.

By September (i.e. seven months after the operation) I was back on the tennis court, cycling to work, playing golf etc etc.  My achilles feels better than it has for 20 years.  I am absolutely delighted with the results.  I am getting fitter and am returning to "fighting weight".

So thank you and your team for your efforts.  For other patients who are considering this procedure, my advice would be "100% DO IT", but be prepared to be patient.

Kind regards,

J.B, Sevenoaks, 2012

Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

I promised I would write to let you know how my running has been, following your  removal of a Morton's neuroma on my right foot in January of this year.

I took your advice and proceeded very slowly and gently - a couple of slow 4k runs in my first week back, then a break of a week (busy with work). In week 3 I extended it to 5k, and so forth, and now I am managing distances of up to 8km. I generally aim to do one longish run a week (aiming for 10k), followed by a further two runs of 5k and around 7-8k each, life allowing. I deliberately do not run back to back days, and on days when I have run a good distance will try to stick to flat shoes to give my foot a break.

That said I am experiencing absolutely no problems with the foot. Not only can I run (hurrah!), but I am also able to wear heels again, though I try not to overdo it. Occasionally the pad under my toes will ache gently, generally if I have worn heeled footwear all day, but this is not severe and I think will lessen with time as the foot continues to heal.

Needless to say I am very pleased to have had such a good outcome, so my thanks to you for making it so. The difference having this resolved is much greater than most people would assume for such a minor complaint and I am most grateful.

H.D, Middlesex, 2013

I suffered from constant pain in my left ankle joint leaving me unable to run or walk any distance. It was exacerbated by wearing high heels, which I often did for my job as an investment banker. I was referred to Mr Singh in April 2011 who diagnosed a Morton's neuroma on my right foot, which could be surgically removed; and who identified chips of bone from an old break that needed to be excised from my left ankle joint. I had already undergone several orthopaedic procedures performed by other highly-rated surgeons, but none provided Mr Singh's superior & detailed level of explanation and prognosis nor his invaluable preparatory advice. His genuine concern and the calibre of after care were equally high. Both operations were performed at the same time; have left minimal scars which healed quickly; and, most importantly, have left me painfree for the first time in years, able to workout properly and wear heels.

J.P, Kensington, 2010

For more than 5 years I had pain in my left foot which affected walking, standing and many activities. I spent most of my time in lace-ups or trainers.   The pain increased over the years until I could only walk a very short way before stopping.

Mr Singh’s diagnosis of a Morton’s neuroma was confirmed following ultra sound and after a trial of steroid injection he offered to remove it for me.   This was a very simple operation and I recovered very quickly. As the surgery had been performed via the top surface of my foot I was able to walk straight away using the platform/sandal support I was given.   I had very little pain and what I had was very well controlled with the analgesia.  

As an ex Director of Nursing and Quality of an Orthopaedic Hospital I am very critical but I was most impressed with the very neat surgery and the rate that the wound healed.   After 12 weeks, the scar is barely visible and there is no pain at all.   I have been able to resume all my former activities and walked 5 miles three weeks after the surgery with no problem.  I have also been on a walking holiday averaging seven miles a day, which I would never have managed, pre-surgery.

J.W. Sevenoaks, 2012

Peroneal Tendon Surgery

I just wanted to let Mr Singh know that the surgery he performed on my right ankle is doing really well, I didn't write before in case I jinxed myself. Thank you very much, it has turned my life around!

C.J-B, Blackheath, 2012

Ingrowing Toe nail procedure

I just wanted to say thank you for your work on my ingrown toenail. 
It is now all healed, I don’t have to think about it every day and night and I’ve managed to get the rest of my body (calves, knees, hips and back) all into good shape.  After 6 months of hell – when I first damaged my toe - it feels marvellous!!  THANK YOU.

M. M-F, London, 2012