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Subtalar Fusion for Subtalar Arthritis: How it helps

Date: 10th Jan 2016

There are good and bad things about Dr Google. There are many misconceptions around loss of movement after an ankle or subtalar fusion. The loss of function between the 2 operations is very different.  Forums can interchange between the two. The loss of function after a subtalar fusion can be minimal but the reduction in […]

Why I break the bone to correct a Bunion

Date: 10th Jan 2016

I though this video is very good at showing why the bone has to be broken to give you a narrow foot (a “Scarf Osteotomy”). We sometimes break an additional  bone, an “Akin Osteotomy,” to correct the more deformed bunions. Animation of a Scarf Osteotomy for a Bunion  

Exercises you can do to stay fit in the first few weeks after Foot or Ankle Surgery

Date: 10th Jan 2016

I am lucky to have some great patients. Jane is one of them. She had her bunion done but needs to stay fit- she’s a Taekwondo Instructor. I asked her what she was doing, it sounded great. She kindly wrote some pointers for my patients. Thanks Jane- your a star. post op exercises

Midfoot Fusion: discussion Forum

Date: 30th Mar 2015

Nice forum. One of my former patients has written some advice and you may find it of interest http://www.steadyhealth.com/Mid_foot_fusion_advice_needed_t196739.html?page=7

Recovering from Midfoot Fusion Surgery. Graham’s Story

Date: 30th Mar 2015

Graham had a foot operation to fuse the midfoot as well as correct the forefoot. It was a major operation that needed him to be non weight bearing for 6 weeks followed by weight bearing for 4 weeks. He wrote some notes for a close friend who was due to have similar surgery to help […]

Having a K-Wire removed from the toe

Date: 30th Mar 2015

Its something that always creates anxiety amongst patients. Friends don’t help- How is he going to get that out? Honestly its a big anticlimax! Lee decided to film his and post it on his Youtube channel. It might help put your mind at ease. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUBHqDQwrwY

Treating a colleague’s Ankle Instability: Stressful but rewarding.

Date: 21st Apr 2014

We often hear about someone’s knee being unstable in that it buckles or that they dot have confidence in it on an uneven surface. A similar condition exists in the ankle but this is often under recognised and as a result often not diagnosed. It is less frequent than knee instability but for those who […]

Morton’s Neuroma- A lesser known cause of foot pain in runners

Date: 24th Mar 2014

With the London Marathon coming up, friends, Patients and colleagues often ask me about what spectrum of injuries I see. We all know of the more common ones affecting the Foot and Ankle including Achilles Tendinitis, Shin Splints and stress fractures. But have you heard of something called a Morton’s Neuroma? It shocks me how […]

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